The Shaker profile stays true to its generations-old square simplicity but can adapt to any modern taste. From industrial to contemporary to country, the recessed Shaker panel offers numerous possibilities. At the heart of the Shaker movement were the ideals of plainness, practicality and pride. The stability and harmony this cabinetry brings to all styles of spaces make it a classic favourite among cabinetry profiles.



Repetition was king to the Shaker craftsman. Built-in cabinets and drawers create a clean, orderly look. Today, many kitchens have rows of big drawers, which look great with this cabinetry profile.


Painted finish

This offers a more contemporary look, allowing you to keep the sharp, squared-off and recessed edges that make the cabinetry intrinsically Shaker. Depending on the type of timber, you may start to see hairline cracks at the joints as wood naturally expands and contracts over time, but this generally does not compromise the door’s strength.


Solid wood / Veneer

Let the warmth and unique characteristics of timber come through by having you shaker doors manufactured with a solid wood frame and veneered panel. Alternatively mix the use of painted and wood cabinetry to highlight design features or add depth to your kitchen design.


Joos Kitchens - Shaker style is still a classic for cabinets