Done right, two-tone (or even three-tone) cabinetry can enhance a space in any number of different ways, from adding visual weight to introducing texture.

Creating a Brilliant Focal Point

Finishing your kitchen island in a different texture and colour pulls the eye towards it as a feature in the room. This also subconsciously pulls people to the island where they congregate to socialise and participate in the cooking experience – great if you are an avid entertainer.

Ground an airy space

A light, ethereal kitchen might appear to float away. Use a bank of richly coloured cabinets to anchor it. Limiting the palette to two neutral colours helps to maintain the serene vibe.

Bring the ceiling down

Dark cabinets on top and lighter ones on the bottom can help to make a kitchen feel snug and cosy. A contrasting colour is also a great method of highlighting handsome architecture, such as the four-pane design of the upper cabinetry in this space.

Pull the wall colours into the room

A colour on the kitchen island cupboard can echo the paler shade of the walls for a graduated two-tone effect. The same technique also works well when you want to repeat a dominant or background colour with tiles or wallpaper.

Bridge floors and walls

Sometimes a contrasting cabinet finish can provide a visual transition between the wall treatment and the flooring.

Diversify a neutral palette

Inject some attitude into what would otherwise be a neutral uninspiring space by accenting certain cabinets.