7 Clever Joinery Details

1. IT’S IN THE DETAIL It's easy to get caught up in the functional, and forget about the decorative. The simple addition of a accent colour on your cabinet fingergrip details can take the ordinary to the extraordinary. In the top picture the brass extractor is given...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

There are many factors to consider when designing your new kitchen. From cabinet colours to countertop surface, faucets and handles. Deciding on the perfect material and colour for your countertop is daunting enough as you have to factor cost into budget and whether...

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Bedroom Cupboards

When planning you bedroom design and layout other than the bed the next most important furniture fitting to be selected are the bedroom cupboards If you are fortunate to have a dedicated dressing room with plenty of space then the options are endless. That said a...

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Ideas for Corner Cupboards

Corner cupboards are often difficult to reach, yet they are essential to utilising every bit of space. PULL IT OUT Building a wire pull-out into a corner cabinet makes it much more convenient to use and it facilitates additional storage. Pull-outs are available for...

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Getting a handle on it …………or not?

Speak to Joos Joiners about the myriad options available when it comes to how your cupboard doors and cabinet drawers open. Whether you are looking for the sleek lines that “push to open” and “finger grip” styles give or whether your are looking to accessorise your...

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Contact us for a free consultation

We provide a design service that includes a quote and preliminary design. Also in our service is a consultation at your home, if required, or at our showroom facility. Initial concept drawings and a quote, based on our discussion of your needs, will be provided. We understand that there may be a need to make minor modifications to the design and include this one set of changes at no charge.

Please note that we do not offer a design only service.