When planning you bedroom design and layout other than the bed the next most important furniture fitting to be selected are the bedroom cupboards

If you are fortunate to have a dedicated dressing room with plenty of space then the options are endless. That said a cleverly laid out dressing room with limited space can just as effectively accommodate your needs. The key is a careful weighing up of your needs and getting practical advice from your joinery consultant

Is space does not allow for a dressing room then built-in cupboards also offer a variety of configurations and finishes to both compliment you room and solve your storage requirements.

JOOS Kitchens - Stone Countertops

When deciding on your cupboards think about factors like whether you have more need to hanging space or whether you prefer to fold your clothes? Do you have an enviable shoe or handbag collection that you want ease of access to? What about smalls – underwear, scarves , belts and socks? ? What is the best way to store and access these?

JOOS Kitchens - Stone Countertops
JOOS Kitchens - Stone Countertops

Other practical considerations could be lighting

Does the room get enough light – could you add a window or skylight (bearing in mind privacy and UV protection required for clothing) or do you need to supplement this? Remember lighting from behind you is going to cast shadows.

Today’s technological advances has given us LED light that are unobtrusive , do not generate excessive heat (a consideration in small non ventilated areas) and come with automatic on/off switches.

Another consideration is the use of mirrors

Very often substituting on of the cupboard fronts for a mirror finish solves this problems as well as adding another dimension or additional light source to the room.

Lastly what other elements do you cupboards need to incorporate?

Tea/coffee station or Television set , perhaps a dressing table or desk surface

Joos has been working the answers to these question for years by
Speaking with and understanding our clients individual needs.