Maximise Your Small Kitchen

12 Dec 2013

Preparing meals in a small space can be very frustrating. Mercia de Jager from Miele, a premium supplier of high-end appliances and one of Joos’ partners, offers tips on how to best choose appliances to open up a small kitchen.
1. Where possible, try and fully integrating your appliances into your cabinetry, you can easily achieve a clean and sleek look that will help to maximise the space.

2. Lines and sleek design is important when wanting to maximise compact spaces. If you have a small kitchen, opt for combination appliances that offer functionality but also boast a streamline appearance.

3. Stainless steel has reflective properties and can bring light to your space, making it appear larger. White also has the ability to really open up small spaces by reflecting maximum light.

4. Always choose appliances that are in proportion to the size of your kitchen space. Oversized appliances might look wonderful but they will dramatically decrease your workspace.