Ideas For Corner Cupboards

27 Sep 2017

Corner cabinets are often difficult to reach, yet they are essential toutilizing every bit of space. Building a wire pull-out into a corner cabinet makes it much more convenient to use and it facilitates additional storage. Pull-outs are available for both L-shaped corner cabinets and straight corner cabinets, also known as blind corner cabinets.

Pull it Out

The wire pull-out pictured here is attached to the back of the cabinet door. The front section pulls out as the door is opened, which in turn pulls the back section forward. This makes it possible to pack as much into the cabinet as possible while ensuring that everything is easy accessible.

Lazy Suzan

This classic storage solution lets you place dishes, strainers, pots and pans on turnstiles and access  to them with a twirl of the finger.
It doesn’t completely eliminate bending and reaching, but it does make the space easier to access  and, as a result, more functional.